Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What A Day..!

10:00 am -- Went to work.
2:00 pm -- Finished work, headed home.
2:15 pm -- Was almost squished by very large truck.

2:30 pm -- Picked up D from our apartment.
3:00 pm -- Recycled our pop & alcohol bottles and old electronics.
3:30 pm -- Went to massage appointment.
4:15 pm -- Went to Walmart and Grocery Store to pick up items for our guests on Thursday.
5:30 pm -- Went to garden store to purchase a few new outdoor plants.
6:00 pm -- Came home, unloaded the groceries and planted the new plants.
7:30 pm -- Cooked and ate dinner.
8:00 pm -- Made Guaccamole.
9:00 pm -- Made Banana & Strawberry Smoothie.
9:30 pm -- Watched the season finale of the Voice and an episode of Pretty Little Liars.

To say I am exhausted from all that I did today would be an understatement. It's almost midnight and I have no idea how or why I am still awake. 

After almost being squished in my vehicle by a very large vehicle that couldn't be bothered to make a wider turn, I am still livid. My vehicle was where it was supposed to be, stopped at the red light. If he can't make the turn, then he shouldn't be turning there. I was stopped at the intersection long before it was his turn to turn. As he began his turn onto Contton Dr, I realized that he didn't judge it and I needed to reverse my vehicle. So I did, quite a bit initially but it wasn't enough. I finally had to honk my horn repeatedly so that he would stop and let me reverse more, towards oncoming vehicles. 

Not cool. All I have to say now is "thanks a**hole for being such an fidiot driver and nearly giving me a heart attack." Arghhhhh! 

Okay, rant over. Good night!