Thursday, June 6, 2013

Guest Post ... Tienna from The Halfords.

Hi ya’ll!! 

Ok, that feels weird. I’m not actually a person that says “ya’ll”, even though I’m from Oklahoma. But I feel like people EXPECT me to be the type to say “ya’ll” since I’m from Oklahoma, and I didn’t want to start out on the wrong foot with anyone. Of course now I feel like we’re starting off on a lie. Awkward. Let me back up…. 

Chelsea and I were paired up through Mallory’s Blog at from California to Kansas for a fun little networking series called Bigs and Littles. It’s been a lot of fun just getting to know Chelsea and getting some words of wisdom regarding this whole bloggy blog world.  

It’s always hard to think of things to talk about on other people’s blogs. On my own blog, I just assume that people reading it know my entire life history already, mainly because I think it’s only close family and best friends that read it, so there’s no need to fill in the blanks on my day to day life. But, since you all don’t know me from Adam, I thought it would be a good idea to just list out a few reasons why you should stop by my blog and say “hi”…or “hi ya’ll” if you really want to be cool, like I tried to do, but failed. 

1. I’m occasionally funny. Sometimes life is a little serious for me and I forget that I’m a funny girl in a funny world, but then ridiculous things happen in my life that reminds me. Like that time I finally got Zumba for my Wii and then used it once and wanted to die or that time that I started posting about my dad’s health and my best friends scary birthing experience but ended it talking about my husband’s battle with Gophers

2. I quote Friends a lot. Generally just in my mind, because people never seem to get it. I spent many a year without cable, so I’ve seen every episode at least 5 times. So basically every situation I’m ever in warrants a Friends quote. 

3. I’ve kind of recently become a fan of Jesus. All through high school and college, I considered myself a “non-Christian”. And then I begin to struggle with infertility, and I was desperate for some peace. My journey led me to Church, which led me to God. It’s quite the roller-coaster sometimes, but I truly feel like it’s better to believe in a something, then to believe in nothing. 

4. I love my dogs like they’re my children. Even with their crazy shenanigans

5. I think marriage is the best thing on Earth. Mainly because my husband is awesome.  

6. I like to eat. Too much. Especially Mexican. But don’t expect any recipes on my blog. One might wander in on accident, but really I only mentioned the food thing because I wanted to explain the photo. ;)

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