Friday, June 14, 2013

Happies & Crappies.


1. My best friend Emily was in town this past weekend! We celebrated her 30th birthday on Saturday night at our favorite pub/restaurant across town;

2. I also took Tuesday off work so that Em and I could spend the afternoon together, shopping! 

3. I have noticed that some new blog friends have linked up with our inspiration board link-up this week! There is still lots of time to link up and share your "dream home."

4. I got new glasses - regular eye glasses and prescription sunglasses! 


1. I spent way too much money on my new glasses. Goodbye $600.00 -- should have ordered a pair online, but I wanted them ASAP. Oh well!

2. I am so bloody tired this week; I don't know why, I have been getting enough sleep but I feel like something has sucked the life of me out. I'm not sure. It's weird.

3. My Achilles tendon is still not any better. It's almost been a month since I somehow injured it. Not impressed because I have a wedding to get in shape for, and I am not allowed to exercise! 

4. I have to work tomorrow at 7:00 am. Too early for a Saturday.

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  1. Hi I am Sky...follower but not sure if I have left you any comments before. I like your new glasses. I need to get a new pair too this July. I really like that style and they suit you well.

    1. Thanks Sky! I've been debating whether I like them or not, so far the verdict is to keep them.

  2. taking the day off from work to go shopping with my friend would be on top of my happy list too!