Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Go-To Photography App.

I am a loyal app user.

Yes, I have a lot of photography apps on my iPhone, but I do have one particular favorite which I find myself using more and more than any others. I do try to change it up once and awhile, but I always find myself going back to it. I can't help it, its an amazing, easy to use app with some pretty amazing presets. 

VSCO Cam is available as a free app (with in-app filter purchases) for iPhone and some Android devices.

One thing I love about this app is its simple interface - probably one of the simplest I have seen in a while. This app also offers a number of image adjustment tools - exposure, contrast, saturation and much more! Unfortunately, there are only ten filters included in the free app; additional filters can be purchased for as little as ninety-nine cents, or as much as three-dollars for a collection of presets. Sometimes there are a couple of free effect downloads that are pretty sweet!

I am personally in love with almost all of the presets, so I have purchased them all. In my opinion, money well spent. Tonight, I also discovered a few new presets that became available back in December. So far, I loooove them! 

What's your go-to photography app? 

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