Friday, January 3, 2014

A Look at the Year Ahead.

Happy 2014!

I'm usually not one to pay much attention to my horoscope, but I happened to stumble upon mine this afternoon and I was intrigued...

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 -Dec. 21)

Take extra time in this first two weeks of January to decide what you really want for yourself. Through the beginning of March, Venus in Capricorn can enhance your assets, your resourcefulness and earnings. Of course, you are likely to spend more too. Be especially careful regarding contract and commitment details during February's Mercury retrograde.

Over the next seven months, Mars in Libra helps you to make good strides in several areas. Firstly, you are getting wiser regarding self care. A big part of this is learning to stay committed to that which serves you best. Secondly, whether it's new or well established, a key relationship will grow by leaps and bounds. Thirdly, Mars can spark new personal interests and income streams. It perks up your social life or community involvement, and keeps you intellectually, politically and creatively well stimulated. Lastly, Mars enhances your professional status and popularity.

Look to Jupiter in Leo, starting mid July, to springboard off the good that Mars does you in the first half of the year.

I know horoscopes are normally written so that all can relate to it, but the second paragraph is basically bang on as far as things I hope for myself / hope to accomplish this year....

+ You are getting wiser regarding self care
+ A Key relationship will grow by leaps and bounds
+ New personal interests and income streams 
+ Social life
+ Intellectually, politically and creatively well stimulated 
+ Professional status and popularity

What is your take on horoscopes? Believe in them, or not? 

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