Monday, December 30, 2013

A Christmas Recap.

Christmas was really amazing this year! 

This was the first year that D stayed in town and we got to spend the holidays with my family and part of his family (his aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents and brother). We truly had such a wonderful time and I am glad that we got to spend all this time with our everyone. 

Because this was our first year staying here, we went all out with our decorations. I am afraid to look at my credit card bill! It was a lot of fun buying bits and pieces and putting it all together. 

Christmas is such a beautiful time of the year! I love all of it - the lights, decorations, all of it..! I would love it even more if it snowed here during the holidays. We had a tease of snow on the 20th, but it was all gone two days later. 

All in all, we had a wonderful time and I am so grateful for all the presents we received and family we got to spend the holidays with! 


  1. glad to hear you had a great christmas! happy new year :)

    1. Happy new year Britta! Hope you had a great Christmas as well!!