Friday, November 8, 2013

Lately in Photos. And Some Links.

+ I have been stopping by my parents house more often to visit this handsome guy. I really do miss seeing him every day. 

+ Did you check out the freebies I shared the other day from Creative Market? I am LOVING the 28 Photography Actions. I edited this above photo that my boyfriend's sister took of us with one of the actions.

+ Lately, I have started eating broccoli. WHAT?! If you recall, broccoli and I don't like each other. Things changed after I had the stomach flu, my stomach changed. Or maybe my mind changed. Either way, I started liking foods that I hated before. The boyfriend is thrilled because our dinner menu is growing!

+ The apple strudel muffins that I have been making have been such a hit that I am planning to change things up and make these banana crumb muffins. They look so delicious!

+ Last month I shared the health benefits of hot cocoa, today I finally found classic hot chocolate recipe that you can enjoy without having to sacrifice your clean eating plan.

+ 4 Simple Goals Wallpaper - a great reminder of the goals you are working on this month.

+ Must read: 39 Life Lessons I've Learned in 39 Years.

+ Loving this song from Twin Forks. Yes, another song from my new favorite tv show, Reign.

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I love the hot cocoa link - more justification for my nightly indulgence. I can also relate to the puppy picture - my parent's have a dog named Mogli who I absolutely love. He's actually the only animal I love so I visit my parents to see him as much as them haha. New follower from BBN -

    1. Thanks Whitney for stopping by and following! I just enjoyed a huge mug of hot cocoa, so delicious! Hope you had a great weekend :)