Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lately. And Some Links.

I forgot what it's like to work five, 8 hour days in a row.. work, eat, sleep and repeat!

I finally have two days off and I can't wait. I am tired. So very, very tired! As much as I would love to spend the next two days doing nothing, I need to get my shit together for the holidays.

I found out the other day that my boyfriend will be staying home for Christmas this year (I am beyond excited to spend it with him!) and I have a feeling that December is going to be a busy month with work. So, I must get ahead of the game and start my planning and shopping now!

Anyways, onto more exciting things - a few links I have been loving this week!

+ This YouTube video, Spock vs Spock, sooo funny! 

+ 4 Clever Things You Can Do with Facebook Photo Albums.

+ Smile.

+ I am kinda loving this DIY idea, might have to give it a try next summer.

+ Great read, very inspiring - Negative Beliefs Harm your Health.

+ I love finding new potato recipes, this one looks so yummy.

+ I am participating in a fantastic giveaway over at Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles. 

+ I am also participating in another giveaway, hosted by Organized Chaos

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. I absolutely love that photo! It is an adjustment to working a typical 9-5 work schedule! But it's worth it! I hope you have had a better week and are adjusting well!

    1. Thank you! My boyfriend took it. We live in a nearby apartment and I could see the reflection of the sun setting on the water and we ran down to the pier to snap some photos!