Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Taking Stock..

I stumbled upon this post idea from the day book, who originally got the idea from meet me at mikes blog. I am still somewhat in this silly funk and thought it would be fun to share bits of what's been going on in my life.  

Making : a delicious cup of hot cocoa. yumm!
Cooking : more apple strudel muffins, i am addicted to them.
Drinking : pepsi. so much for kicking my bad habit, soda pop!
Reading: the happiness project.
Wanting: to sleep for a few days straight..
Looking: forward to december, except for the turning thirty part.
Playing: a few of my favorite songs on repeat.
Wasting: lots of time siting on my laptop, not accomplishing much.
Sewing: ahaha, yeah, i don't sew.
Wishing: that i was more motivated these days.
Enjoying: all my television shows.
Waiting: for a movie to finish so i can go to bed.
Liking: way too many things.
Wondering: if a certain somebody will do the one thing i asked for, for my birthday.
Loving: my amazing boyfriend.
Hoping: that that certain somebody does it.
Marvelling: at how people manage to juggle this work-life-balance.
Needing: a good night's sleep (no waking up at 4 am)
Smelling: cinnamon
Wearing: my pajamas (t-shirt and sweat pants)
Following: my 4 simple goals plan, so far, so good.
Noticing: the lack of snow outside. i want snow dammit!
Knowing: everything always happens for a reason!
Thinking: about how busy december is going to be.
Feeling: a little overwhelmed these days.
Bookmarking: way too many recipes.
Opening: way too many emails in my inbox.
Giggling: over this video. this kid is hilarious!
Feeling: ready for bed. zzzzz

If you want to join in the fun, there is a blank list here for you to copy and paste into your own blog post!


  1. Hi Chelsea! Love this post! I might just join in the fun:) We got a bit of snow here in Toronto...I'll send some in the mail! - Donna

    1. Thanks Donna, you totally should! And yes, please send some snow over here, express post!!

  2. I really liked this post! It was a genius idea. I think I may have to copy it to try and remind myself of all the little things in this crazy world!