Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up.

Work, work and some more work ... that is how I spent my weekend. For the most part, my work weekend was fairly uneventful. The best part was walking into my office Sunday morning and finding a large gift bag full of cookies and bottles of wine. While I knew the bag wasn't for me, I was determined to score myself a few cookies. When the rightful owner of the bag showed up, I told him there was a fee for holding onto his gift bag and ended up with one of the small bags full of cookies. SWEET! They were delicious and didn't last very long.

Favorite Snapshot: 
+ Came home after work on Sunday to find some cool clouds across the ocean.

Favorite Posts:
+ Aerial Abs: Side Plank Push-Up by Silly Grrrl.
+ Ab Workout by Shine or Set.

Recipes I Pinned/Want to try:
+ Quick Skillet Potatoes by Katherines Corner.
+ Coriander Chicken Kebabs by Cooking Classy.
+ Skinny Lasagna by ABpetite.
+ Palo Pulled Pork Pizza by Popular Palo.
+ Gourmet Grilled Cheese by Rouge & Whimsy.

Weekly Dinner Menu:
+ Monday: Chicken, potatoes and salad.
+ Tuesday: Sushi.
+ Wednesday: Leftovers - Roast Beef, roast beef and yorkshire pudding. 
+ Thursday: A&W hamburger and fries.
+ Friday: Chicken Alfredo Pasta.
+ Saturday: Leftovers - Chicken Alfredo Pasta.
+ Sunday: Leftovers - Chicken Alfredo Pasta.

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

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