Saturday, April 20, 2013

Small Sponsor Spotlight.

Looking to find some new blogs to follow? Today's post is dedicated to my small sponsors who have been hanging out on my sidebar! Take a minute or two, or even three and check these seven lovely ladies below!
"Heeey there, I'm Lacey. I love anything turquoise and a sunny day. I know too much about pop culture and eat popcorn daily. I'm an environmental software sales woman by day and a professional Bravo TV expert by night. I do not enjoy scary movies or my food touching. I prefer autobiographies and plane rides. I love chunky jewelry and chips + dip. Stop by and catch me posting about my fashion, food, travels.. My favorite day of the week is my Mean Muggin' Wednesday outfits where I keep it extra classy with mirror pics I'm sure you'd enjoy. "

"Hi, I'm Amber I blog over at My Life in High Heels. I'm a small town WV girl (nope, not the Buckwild kind) in love with Jesus, fashion, my friends and family, coffee, Diet Mt. Dew and so many other random things that make this life amazing. I am also a firm believer that life lived in High Heels is always better. I'd love to have you stop by and follow along with my little world over at"

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"Hi Life Unpublished readers! My name is Amy & I blog over at Love & Hot Chocolate. I started this blog when I found out some bad news - my boyfriend now fiancé was deploying to overseas to Afghanistan for a whole year. {I found it comforting when I met other lady bloggers who have experienced & are experiencing deployment because they understood me and were easy to talk to. I've also met other lady bloggers who have turned out to be such great friends!} Fortunately he is home safe, and we are now engaged and anxiously waiting for our wedding day in May! To find out more about us, be sure to come say hi! "

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"I'm a twenty-something newlywed blogger with newly transplanted Texan roots. I currently call Albany, New York home. I'm a Registered Nurse by day, well sometimes by night as well. In Texas I worked on an oncology unit and absolutely fell in love with bed side nursing. In my spare time you can find me sipping an iced coffee, exploring the streets of Albany with my Canon and a pair of Ray Bans. I love the eclectic things in life and enjoy finding great vintage steals and DIY decorating. My current DIY project is an herb garden made out of a pallet. I can't wait for the weather to warm up around here so that I can start the staining process. I love the beauty and the new possibilities of the Northeast. Sometimes expanding past what you know can be the best thing in life. We are enjoying the ride so far. My lifestyle blog is filled with culinary creations and blunders, my thoughts on marriage, and living and loving in the Northeast. Join the Aslans on our Auspicious Albany Adventure and be sure to stop by and say hello. We would love to hear from you!"

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"Hello there! I'm Meagan and I blog over at My Wandering Heart. On my blog, you will find my journey through the end of college, being a foster family, nursing school and my faith. I love to travel, I love the rain and I get weak in the knees for a good basketball game! My story is a little messy most days but I hope that you join me for encouragement & truth as I seek to have my wandering heart bound tightly to Jesus."

"My name is madeline and I blog over at My Name Is Madeline (creative, huh?). I started blogging my freshman year of college because I was tired of only being able to read other blogs, and wanted to put my interest in graphic design to good use. I still don't think I've found the perfect "tone" I want my blog to have, and it is certainly a work in progress. You're likely to find random thoughts of mine, Pinterest pass/fails, me rambling about my amazing boyfriend, potentially a few recipes, and a bunch of other random delightfulness. I hope you stop by, I love emails and blog friends so don't be afraid to say hello :)"

"I'm a twenty-something single girl living in Salt Lake City with a roommate, fur/scale babies, and a bunch of friends that come by often. I'm currently on a journey to become fit and part of that is hula-hooping which I love. I craft and sell things in my shop, blog both on My So-Called Chaos and on Health NOT to Health NUT, as well as co-manage a blog swapping blog. I also volunteer for a local animal rescue and once at drag-queen bingo where all the proceeds go to charity. I love my life and documenting it on my blog!"

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  1. Thanks so much for the shoutout girl, hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!!

    1. You're most welcome! My day was spent at work :( Have a great weekend!!