Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up.

I am a little tarty on my weekly wrap-up(s). Life has been very busy with work and not a lot interesting has been happening around here. I am on day twenty-one of working straight with no days off. I still have another twelve days to go. I am almost there! 

Today while driving home, I almost got into a car accident. Thankfully, I didn't. I was in the right-hand lane and the vehicle in font of me went to parallel park, so I decided I would change lanes. I checked my mirror and did a shoulder check, no vehicle so I signaled and started to go into the left-hand lane. Next thing I knew this car went speeding past me - what the heck! I am pretty sure he didn't want to slow down for me, so instead he sped up and went for it. Scared the crap out of me! I am grateful nothing bad happened.

Favorite Snapshots:
+ Found a few friends hanging around work today.
+ Random selfie of yours truly.
+ My favorite salad with some chicken, delicious! 
+ Taking a photo of D trying to get a photo of Django. 

Favorite Posts:
+ The Truth about Being a Introvert via By The Porchlight
+ 3 Creative Blog Post Ideas via Life Unsweetened
+ Tools of the Trade via Being Ashley.

Recipes I Pinned/Want to Try:
+ Chicken Parmesan Manicotti via Six Sister's Stuff.
+ Salted Skinny Brownies via ABpetite.
+ Twice Baked Potatoes via This Gal Cooks.

Weekly Dinner Menu:
+ Monday: Pesto Pasta & Salad.
+ Tuesday: Chicken Parmesan + Salad.
+ Wednesday: Sushi.
+ Thursday: Indian Food.
+ Friday: Leftovers - Indian Food.
+ Saturday: Leftovers - Indian Food.
+ Sunday: Green Salad & Chicken.

How was your week? 
Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


  1. I will definitely check out the iphone hacks. Same with me deadening my battery super quick! :) it sucks. Thanks for sharing your meals and ideas and i love gathering to read ideas on posts and catching up on great bloggers! Good post thanks! :)

  2. Hey there! I'm stopping' by from the friend connect blog hop and wanted to let you know I'm now following you via GFC and Bloglovin'! I also liked your Facebook page! Hope you'll get a chance to visit me! You can find me here:

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! I am now following via GFC!