Saturday, November 3, 2012


November, WOW! This month came around far too quickly. With the month already 3 days in, I know I have a lot to organize before December rolls around.

>> Driver's License. My drivers license conveniently expires on my birthday this year, so I need to get all that done this month so that I have proper photo ID for our flight. 

>> Doctors appointments. This month I have an appointment with a Thyroid Specialist, I'm not looking forward to that one because I don't want to hear any bad news. I also have to find some time to visit my family doctor to get a new inhaler for my asthma before we go away at Christmas - my asthma is allergy related, and I am horribly allergic to my boyfriends parent's cat. It seems silly to spend $100 or more on an inhaler that I am only going to use for 2 weeks, but I would rather be able to breathe during those two weeks than spend the entire time wheezing, coughing, sneezing and whatever else. 

>> Christmas, yes I said it, Christmas. Since we will be away (I have never been away from home/my parents during the holidays, so its going to be weird for me), I have to get everything organized ahead of time. That means buying presents a head of time for my family here, and buying/shipping presents to my boyfriends parents home so we don't have to do this last minute shopping thing on the 24th -- I suspect we still will have to anyways. Did I mention its going to be weird being away from home?!!

>> My birthday is also a few days before we leave, so I also have to somehow fit that into the mix. Don't get me wrong, I love celebrating my birthday, but this year, especially with it falling on a Wednesday and the fact that I have to work, I'm not sure if I am looking forward to it? Well, I am, I'm just not looking forward to everything being packed such a short time frame. 

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  1. Hi just popping by from Local Sugar's link-up. I know what you mean about it being weird not spending Christmas with your own family. Last year the fiance and I negotiated that we would spend the morning/presents openning time with my family then drive two hours to have lunch with his family. I got in the car to drive away and balled my eyes out!!
    I didn't mean to seem rude about his family, it's just that I have a tiny family and it is SO weird to do the first Xmas away. And other families have way different food to what you are used to!

    That being said, you can do it!