Saturday, November 24, 2012

Full Moon?

Full moon tonight? Not quite. After my day today, I would have thought it was, but it's not. Not for another 4 days at least.

This is what happened to me today....

#1. On my drive to work, there is this little bridge that is under repair. The city has some traffic lights set up on either side to control the traffic through the one lane. As I approached my red light, there were two vehicle and a bicycle in front of me. However, the first of the two vehicles was at least two car lengths onto the bridge so that traffic coming from the opposite side could not drive though. Our side had a red light, so I have not idea what was going through his head and all I could do was laugh at the idiot. 

#2. The work computer continued to get the blue screen of death today, and would then crash and tell me there was a boot drive error. I have no idea what happened to it because it was working fine on Wednesday. All I know is that it wasn't me who broke it, thankfully.

#3. Driving home from work, I was approaching an intersection. Keep in mind, there is a bus two cars behind me, there is a bus stop is just before this intersection and a side road just after the intersection. So ... I am approaching this intersection, the light is green, the car coming the opposite way appeared to be turning left to go down the side road, but nope ... he has stopped right in front of the bus stop, blocking me from driving in my lane. Seriously buddy? WTF are you thinking? It was dark out so I shined my brights on him to see what the hell he was doing, and if he was okay -- he appeared to be fine so I passed him and later noticed in my rear view mirror that he was backing up to get out of the way of the bus. 

#4. I am a few blocks away from my house and this pedestrian wearing all black decides to run IN FRONT of my vehicle to cross the street. He is lucky that I saw him and slammed on my breaks because otherwise he would have been a hood ornament. And, it would have been 100% his fault. Didn't his mother teach him not to J-Walk, or to look before he crossed the street? I hate to admit it or even say it, but if people can't be bothered to look before they cross in the middle of a busy street, they deserve what ever consequences may come their way and should realize it will be their fault. 

Needless to say, by the time I walked in the door, and to only find out the shopping hadn't been done like I had asked, I immediately put my cranky pants on. I was not impressed and not in the mood for any BS. Thankfully they didn't stay on for too long...! :)


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