Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to Survive a Cranky Day.

We all have cranky days. Right? 

Some days when I wake up in the morning, especially if I am feeling overtired, I will often find myself feeling cranky for most of the day. When I am cranky, I am also easily irritated by stupid little things that I should know better than to let them get to me. I really don't like it when I get like this because I find myself taking it out on the ones I love -- I'm sorry boyfriend..!

I recently discovered a few insights from the MindBodyGreen website on how to deal with my crankyness in a positive manner, without damaging too many relationships along the way. I found these tips to be very helpful, so I thought I would share them.

6 Tips to Survive a Cranky Day:

  1. Notice how you feel, be the observer and watch the emotions flow through you and how they affect you physically.

  2. Avoid judging yourself.

  3. Don't pretend to be happy and put on a fake smile, that only suppresses the feelings, bottling them up causing you to have a massive blow up at someone who least deserves it. 

  4. Avoid people as much as you can. 

  5. Go into the backyard or the nearest park and scream and yell. 

  6. Say thank you.

The first three tips describe me to a tee...

  1. When I am overtired and cranky, it really affects me physically. I get headaches, I'm clumsy, and my muscles tense up which in turn triggers the neuralgia to flair up in my face. And when my face flairs up, it triggers even more emotions. Knowing that my negative thoughts affect my body has been a huge help because I have learned how not to let myself get to that point. But, I am not perfect and sometimes I do let my cranky behavior get the best of me. 

  2. When I am irritated, I am always really hard on myself. As mentioned, when I am overtired, I can become very clumsy, especially when cooking dinner. Over the years, many fingers have been burned, and dishes or food have been dropped. When this happens, I curse and always blame myself for anything that goes wrong. Learning not to judge myself is something I still need to work on. 

  3. Massive blow up, oh yes. That usually happens after number two. Thankfully, when I have these moments, my boyfriend is really amazing and knows how to calm me down and make me feel less cranky so that I can get past it. 

To read more about how to survive a cranky day, head over to the full article here. I found this article to be very insightful, so I highly recommend that you read it. 

What do you do to survive a cranky day?


  1. I wish I had good tips for surviving a crank day. I think I'm prone to bottling it up and pretending I'm fine and then exploding (usually at my husband, poor man). I know this is a terrible way to handle it, but I'm definitely not used to just admitting, "yup, I'm upset today". Thanks for posting that article, though, as I could really use more advice on this very topic.

  2. Oh, wow! These will be helpful indeed, and are spot on. Especially #3. Definite bottler over here, and a slapper on of the happy face. Totally sharing your post. Thanks!

  3. the picture was really funny...we all wake up every once in a while being cranky...my boyfriend is pretty good at it too =)

    Bea =)

  4. i can usually pull myself out of a bad mood but sometimes it just takes over- i like the saying thank you-that really puts things into perspective for ya. great post. have a good day!

  5. If I'm having a cranky day I tend to buy myself whatever treat I want, and then turn on an episode of a TV show I like. Wind down time + treat = happier me! :)

  6. Great advise. It is so true, just checking your mood can help so much!

  7. I definitely have those days. I just get easily irritated and nothing seems to go right. Once I accept that and try not to force things to go right, strangley I feel better.

    Great post!

  8. Ha - I'm definitely bookmarking this so I have it handy at work. You are awesome, I'm so glad to have found you, love the blog!

    Stop by and say hi sometime!

  9. Oh I always have cranky days. I just avoid people at work and try to keep to myself. When I get home I read or listen to Taylor Swift, her songs calm me down. Great article that pic gave me a big giggle ;)

    I am a new follower from the follow me maybe hop