Monday, December 16, 2013


I know this isn't a great photo*, but its the best I could do at midnight, through the bedroom window... 

* You can see it slightly better in my instagram photo.

At midnight, I awoke to a few text messages from my boyfriend on my cell phone telling me to wake up because there was a large bird on the balcony. He was sitting at his computer and didn't want to move in case his movement frightened it. I ran into the spare bedroom and could see it ... but I could also hear it. "Whoo, whooo, whooo" ... it wasn't just any bird, it was a friggin' owl. It was huge. 

For approximately thirty minutes we listened to it talking to its buddy (we couldn't see the other one). It was quite something because every few seconds it would turn its head and look at us with its bright yellow eyes. Unfortunately it was so dark outside that any photo we took didn't turn out. We didn't want to use the flash as we figured he would fly away.

We are both hoping he comes back tonight!