Sunday, September 29, 2013

3 Things // Try, Make & Do.

>>> Try.

Been itching to try something new with my hair. Haven't been able to decide if I want to keep it long'ish, or cut it short (shoulder length). I have always loved the messy hair look that Casey always seems to pull off so well, so may give it a try this week. 

>>> Make.

Now that fall's weather is here, it's time to start cooking warm meals again. I absolutely love spaghetti, and have been wanting to make turkey meatballs for sometime now! Mmmmmm! 

>>> Do.

I saw this DIY the other day and fell in love with it. I have been eyeing all of our apartment walls to determine if we too can do something similar. We have a lot of glass windows, so I may have to hang onto this one for the next place we live in. 

What are three things you want to try, make and do?


  1. Oh my word! I'm loving that diy wall hanging! It is gorgeous! I'm also dying to change my hair but it is so simple right now to take care of and do in the morning! Like it takes less than 5 min! So I'll just regret changing it later!

    1. I tried Casey's hair tutorial, FAIL. It initially worked, but after like 20 minutes, it was gone. My hair does not like to keep curls or anything, goes back to being straight. Sigh! Thus why my hair normally ends up in a pony tail!

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  3. That shelf is amazing. I'm on the lookout for some cheap shelving units, maybe I should rob several storehouses of their unused pallets instead. Thank you for the idea!