Tuesday, September 3, 2013

5 Pretty Sweet Instagram DIY'S to Try.

As I am sure you all know, I am addicted to instagram. I love snapping memories of my loved ones, beautiful sunsets, or anything for that matter. But what happens after you snap that photo and share it? 

Here are some clever instagram DIY's that I came across and wanted to share. I have also posted their website so that you can check them out and try them yourselves! Enjoy!

1. DIY Magnets

Make your own fridge maganets with your instagram images. Visit Secondhand Sunday's for the tutorial.

2. DIY Instacards

Such a great handmade gift idea for the holidays! Visit Say Yes to Hoboken for the tutorial.

3. DIY Wrapping Paper

Have you ever made your own wrapping paper? I love this idea! Visit Poppytalk for the tutorial.

4. DIY Wall Art

This DIY is my personal favorite because I have always wanted to get some of my photos put onto a canvas. Visit A Beautiful Mess for the tutorial.

5. DIY Photo Strips

Such a fun way to document your life and to decorate your walls! Visit Free People blog for the tutorial.

What do you normally do after you share your photos on instagram? Have you ever printed them? Or tried any DIY's? 


  1. Loving the DIY paper! I bought a stendig calendar for 2014 and saw that people reused the paper for wrapping gifts. I thought that was an awesome IDEA!!!

    I like the magnet idea with instagram as well! Never thought of doing paper!

  2. I have never printed my photos from Instagram, but some of these ideas seem really cool. The magnets and the wall art are nice. The magnets could make for some nice gifts.

    1. I have been meaning to print my instagram photos for quite some time!!!

  3. Instagram Magnets have been on my list to do for awhile now. They look so awesome!