Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up.

I recently stumbled upon this "weekly wrap-up" post idea on one of the blogs that I follow and immediately fell in love with it! I did, however, make a few slight adjustments and included my weekly menu planning. I love the idea of a single post to recap a few of my favorite instagram photos, blog posts, blogs, what's been going on in my life, and of course, what we've been eating for dinners. So, without further ado, here is my FIRST weekly wrap-up. 

Favorite Snapshots:
+ Love, love, love my dog! He loves to shake a paw for a treat.
+ Went for a walk around the neighborhood -- we are so lucky to live near the ocean and to have such a beautiful view!
+ Doing some exercise with our new exercise band.
+ Snow in March? Really?!

for more snapshots, follow me on instagram.

Favorite Posts:
+ Balsamic Chicken with Spinach & Peppers by I Don't Go to the Gym.
+ Homemade Laundry Detergent & Wash Jar by The Paper Mama.
+ DIYs to try this Weekend by Paper & Stitch.
+ Free Printable Labels by A Thrifty Mrs

Favorite Blog of the Week:
+ Fiery and Opinionated - not only am I lucky to have her on my sidebar, I absolutely love to read Heather's blog because she always has something funny to say. She also takes some pretty sweet photos! You should stop by her blog and get to know her! 

Life Lately:
+ Started our spring cleaning over the weekend and have now have a huge pile of clothes to donate. I still have so many more clothes that I could donate, but aren't ready to let them go yet. 
+ Participated in earth hour on Saturday. Lights out for one hour! I enjoyed lighting a bunch of candles and hanging out..! It was kind of romantical, LOL.
+ Trying to reduce our carbon footstep around the house. It's amazing what a little white vinegar can do! I am hoping to make our own laundry soap soon.

Weekly Dinner Menu: Work is exceptionally busy for me right now, so D has been pitching in with cooking dinners. On Friday he made one of our favorite meals in the slow cooker, Goulash. Yum! I was going to share the recipe in a post, but he insisted he take better photos. 

+ Monday: Mac and Cheese & Salad.
+ Tuesday: Teriyaki Chicken, Potatoes & Salad.
+ Wednesday: Beef Stroganoff.
+ Thursday: Leftovers - Beef Stroganoff & Salad.
+ Friday: Goulash & Pasta.
+ Saturday: Leftovers - Goulash & Pasta.
+ Sunday: Leftovers - Goulash & Potatoes.


  1. Awhh!! I love your pup! SO cute! I love dogs!! I hope you have a good week!

    Found you from the blog hop! We are neighbord! (:


    1. Thanks Alyssa, hope you have a great week as well! :)

  2. I love your idea of a weekly wrap up! It was fun reading about your week, and your puppy is super cute!

    1. Thanks Kenzie! I think Heather (of Fiery & Opinionated) and I are going to start a weekly link-up for it if you're interested. Possibly this Monday, or next week if all goes as planned! :)

  3. Your dog is the cutest! This "weekly wrap up" is cool because when you go back you see how fun or not fun your week was! :)

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Sometimes I think he uses his cuteness to his advantage so that he can get what he wants! haha. I completely agree about the weekly wrap-up, I'm thinking about if I should start a link-up for it.. we'll see!

  4. Hi! Dropping in from the GFC Hop! Cute Weekly Wrapp Up idea! I might also have to go and check out bigs and littles! Hoping you'll hop over and return the follow!-Ginger from

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ginger! You should definitely sign up for BIGS and littles, I have really enjoyed being paired up with a buddy and getting to know her and helping her with her blog! :)

  5. you are so sweet, thank you :) i've loved getting to know you and adore this weekly wrap up! great idea.

  6. Gosh doesnt spring cleaning make you feel so great. Especially when you see that bug bag of things to be donated.
    Stopping by from the Thumping Thursday linkup.

    1. It sure does! The best part was that my Gramma happened to stop by and took them all to her community center to donate. Thanks for stopping by! Already following you via GFC and Bloglovin - your blog is super cute!! Have a great weekend! :)