Sunday, March 10, 2013

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"I'm Kelly! That big headed blonde girl you see right there! I'm not a mom, I'm no where near being religious, and I'm not married (though I do have a pretty handsome fella), but I like to blog. I like to pretend I can take artsy fartsy pictures when in reality they look like my cat took them. I'm just a girl growing up into a woman and feel the need to write about it online. Stop on by! "

"I'm a 20-something college student, trying to make my way to the "real" world, and hoping something will be there waiting for me when I make it. I've loved writing since I could take a pencil to paper, photography since my mom handed me my first Polaroid, and the Beatles since my dad introduced me to Yellow Submarine. Good Day Sunshine is a collection of essays, stories, and photographs inspired by life, The Beatles, and the sunshine. It's my life, the best I know how to write it."

"Hey ya'll! My name is Jenni and I blog over at A Dash of Sunshine! I love reality TV, the Florida sunshine, and some good food! Over on the blog I like to talk about our every day life, show you guys pictures of the cutest almost-3 year old ever, and share recipes that I am trying out! "

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"My name is Laurie Brotherton & I blog over at The Brotherton's. My better half is Mitch. We are parents to two happy fur-babies -- Kodi & Maggie. We are a newly formed family who enjoy the company of others, spend many hours outdoors, takes lots of pictures, we're wannabe parents, & we occasionally take part in PDA {what can we say -- we're in love.} I LOVE meeting new inspiring & uplifting people through this blog. It's a whole different world that I never expected to be a part of. I'm so glad I discovered it. We'd love for you to follow along on this crazy journey called marriage."

"I blog about marriage, living in England, and anything else I feel like. My husband and I live in a small town by the sea, and I love it there, so I take far too many pictures of the seaside. I like keeping a record of the things I do so that I have something to look back on once we've moved on, so I like to write about all the little things we do."

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"Riss Home Design is a blog I started with my boyfriend after we bought our first home together. Our names are Rissa and Charlie, and we first started blogging to share updates on our home and projects with friends and family, but decided we'd love to share with everyone, not just people we know! We blog about home renovations and decoration, DIY projects, recipes, and about our lives in general. We're a laid back couple who love to laugh, cook and find affordable products for our home and affordable ways to create projects as well. Come get to know us!"

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"Hi Life Unpublished readers! My name is Britta and my blog is The Boots Parade. Over there you'll see posts all about my life in Costa Rica! I write about my life as an English teacher, my life in this country, my adorable puppy Rocco, and all the little adventures I have as an expat. I hope you will come by and say hello!"


  1. thanks chelsea!! i love being a part of your sidebar and i'm definitely going to check out these lovely ladies :)

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