Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guest Post ... Heather from Fiery & Opinionated.

Confession… I've never written a guest post before. Being new-ish to blogging, I don't really know the 'rules' for this sort of thing. But I love Life Unpublished and was so excited by the invitation that i had to give it a try!

After asking her what i should write, Chelsea said she really enjoyed my post about what i learned about myself when my boyfriend, chris, moved in. That was one of my favorites, too. I probably get more enjoyment than I should out of making fun of myself (and him).  Unfortunately for Chris, today I'll only be making fun of him.

Chris is completely useless at finding things. I know men in general aren't good at finding things, but seriously mine is the worst.

'have you seen my sneakers?'
'do you know where my red sox hat is?'
'where is the trail mix?'

… fill in the blank. The kid finds nothing on his own. If he needs to lift something to find it? Forget it. Even in plain sight things can still be lost.

One of my recent favorites involved an iPhone charger. We were staying in a tiny studio apartment temporarily after our cross-country move and he 'lost' his phone charger. 'What did you do with my iPhone charger?' were his exact words. Excuse me? I have one of my own, thank you - I did not touch your charger. He was unconvinced. I had to go to work, so I left him there looking for it - sure it couldn't be THAT hard in a place that was a 14'x14' box.

how do you not find something in here?

A few hours into work he gchats me asking where I think he should look for it. Ok, now I'm getting annoyed. Where am I possibly going to tell him to look that he wouldn't think to check? The place is tiny! But I caved… 'look on the coffee table, look under things on the coffee table, look under the coffee table, look in your backpack…'

And then he finds it. Plugged into the wall next to the couch. Right where he sits to work from home. Of all places you'd look for something you plug into the wall to send electricity to an electronic device, surely one would check the electrical outlet.

We promptly made a rule that he has to actually try to look for things first before asking me again.

Thanks so much to chelsea for having me today!

Thanks Heather for taking over my blog today!! 


  1. Ha ha..yup. A frequent conversation in my house:
    Husband, somewhat panicky "Where'd you put the "
    Me: pointing to the thing in plain sight: "Right here in your tray where YOU left it when YOU used it last."

    1. haha yes! how did all men somehow learn to rely on their ladies to find everything for them??

  2. Haha, yeah we're always accused of moving things before anyone has even looked! Honestly... *sighs* xxx

  3. Hopping through with the Thumping Thursday Blog Hop! Hope you have a great day!

    1. Thanks for hopping by Nicky! Have a great weekend :)