Saturday, September 1, 2012

Goodbye Summer.

My goodness, I cannot believe its September already. The temperature here has already started to change. Its still sunny, but there is a definite cool breeze in the air.

All in all, August was pretty great, but it could have been better. My main complaint was the weather. We had a few days, maybe even a week or two, that were smoking hot; but the rest of the time, the weather wasn't the greatest. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't horrible, I just wish the sunny and warm weather had stuck around for longer! 

My biggest regret this summer is not making it down to the beach and going swimming. I really wanted to go swimming!


The best part of the month was that I finally moved in with my boyfriend. I loving living with him and am so happy that we've taken this next step in our relationship.


  1. Congrats on moving in together :)

    I only got to the beach like 3 times this summer, so don't feel bad!

  2. I had the opposite problem. My summer was WAY TOO HOT. It wouldn't cool down. Other than the weather and the beach thing though, I'm glad you had a good August!

  3. Awwww your last sentence made me smile so big :) I remember the first apartment I moved into with my now husband...It's such a big step, and I think it's such an important step before marriage because you learn how annoying they can be ;) hehe

  4. I went to the beach all of once this summer...not nearly enough. How come there seems like there's so much time to do everything you want to do, and then, seemingly, in a moment, summer is over? It'll be cold before we know it.

  5. Oh, I'm so happy it's fall time.... I love the fall. Sounds like you had a good summer (relationships mean so much in life).... following you from the weekend hop. Hope you can visit soon...

    Your newest follower,