Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday's Letters.

Dear headache, I really dislike you..! I do not enjoy waking up with you, and I definitely do not enjoy going to bed with you. You stuck around for over 12 hours, not cool. Dear fresh salmon, You were very tasty for dinner last night, thank you! However, I was not very fond of cutting your tail off, it was slippery and felt funny. I'm sorry. Dear work, Thanks for the recognition today, I really really appreciate it! Dear boyfriend, I love you lots and lots. But I'm still not pleased with your comments the other day. Life is too short to wake up one morning with regrets; rather than being stubborn and digging our (your) heals in, we should continue moving forward and enjoying life the best we can, together! Dear Apple, Thank you for releasing the new iPhone. It looks quite lovely. I am a little disappointed that the camera wasn't improved a little more, but I am sure it will be quite lovely. I look forward to hopefully getting my hands on one in a few weeks.



  1. Very creative writing style...made me want to read more Dear _____,!

  2. I really like this post and if I had to add it would be...
    Dear Bed.... I really miss you.
    I am following you now and please follow back.