Sunday, August 26, 2012

Time to organize.

Earlier this week, my new laptop was delivered!! 

Thankfully this one doesn't have any pixel issues like the first one. We did notice a few sound issues, but figure they are related to the drivers that were installed. Also, most of the programs that came pre installed needed to be removed because they really slow the computer down. When the computer would boot up, I think there were maybe 100 processes running -- way too many!

So, now that I have a new laptop that I plan to keep, I have spent the past few days organizing all my files and transferring them from one hard drive to another. I have too many files on too many hard drives, so the process is taking a long time. It's something that needs to be done though. Once I finish organizing them all, I plan to back up all the important files (photos, school work, etc) on my external hard drive and on my boyfriends computer. I have come close to losing all my files before, I'm not going to let it happen again.

I have also decided to re design a few areas on my blog, so I am super excited to get started on that. My laptop screen is 17.3" which I find makes the process a lot easier.

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  1. yay for new laptop! hopefully more blogging! haha

    Have a great week! Stop by and say hello!