Sunday, August 19, 2012

I got a NEW laptop!

I did it, I finally purchased a new laptop!

On Wednesday afternoon, I decided to place the order through Best Buy Canada. It was only available online, so my options were limited. I had found it elsewhere online for about $50 cheaper, so I took advantage of their price guarantee policy and was rather pleased with the whole process. I did have to spend some time online with one of their representatives, but he was very helpful and made the wait tolerable.

To my surprise, my package was delivered Friday morning. I figured it would have taken a week to arrive, but was glad it didn't. As soon as we opened up the box, it was a beauty. It was everything I wanted and it worked wonderfully. The simple design reminds me of the Macbook Pro, which I absolutely love.

Saturday evening I spent a few hours on my boyfriends computer backing up all my old music and files; while I was doing that, he was puttering around on my laptop. I guess when he restarted the computer, while it was booting up, he noticed a white pixel on the screen. He quickly performed a dead pixel test on the entire screen and quickly found at least 4 white pixels. Seriously? Neither of us were too impressed because a brand new laptop should not have this issues. My old laptop, which is 5 years old and has traveled between two homes during this time, currently has only 1 dead pixel. So what gives?

And now the process begins. In order to exchange the laptop, I have to RMA it and purchase a new one. After much debate if it was worth all this hassle, we decided it would be best to place an order for a brand new Asus laptop and requested they send me an RMA for the defective unit. 

I was so happy on Friday and now I am just frustrated and annoyed. I still really like the laptop and am patiently waiting the arrival of the new one, I just hope the new one doesn't have the same issues. I also hope this RMA process with Best Buy goes smoothly. 


  1. so exciting chelsea! that'll be so awesome :) Just found your blog from the hop and excited to be your newest follower!


    ps. stop by and say hi at when you get a chance!

  2. Oh, that's disappointing, to get a new computer and have something wrong with it already! I strongly believe that computers are pretty much the most helpful and the most frustrating invention of modern science. :P Hope your new one comes in with no trouble!