Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What the heck...!

What a week...!

Tuesday. Finished work early in the afternoon, went home and spent the afternoon washing and cleaning my vehicle. My parents home is on the corner of two streets. At one point, three boys were skateboarding right outside our house, near the corner where cars often turn quite quickly onto. They were also being rather noisy and were scaring the dog. We asked them nicely if they minded going somewhere else. They said no and carried on their way. Later in the evening, they came back. Again, they were asked nicely -- this time they said their mom said they could skateboard wherever they want and it was okay, and they ran home. Shortly after, the mom showed up knocking on our front door quite angry and threatened to phone the police because her boys were harassed and assaulted. What?

Wednesday. While at work today, I found out that a customer showed up a week early for an appointment he made over the phone with me. The policy is that they either have to make them in person or via email. He was in a rush over the phone, so I confirmed the booking and let it slide. Why dont people own up to their own errors? Only one customer can book at a time, and others were already book on the day of question. Instead, he speaks negatively about me to the general manager. Thanks buddy.

After work, I arrive at the boyfriends condo (my soon to be new home). I needed to grab a few items from my car, so I went back out and when coming back in, there was some random dude trying to get buzzed in. I scanned my fob, and he jumped back and was surprised to see someone. Apparently watching me walk up behind him wasn't apparent enough. I guess when I scanned my fob, it cancelled his request and when he walked up to me, he kept going on and on about it. I told him I was sorry, but he proceeded go off on how he was joking about what he said to me and I'm too serious. When the elevator arrived, he announced he would take the next one and proceeded be a jerk with his comments.

When I got home tonight, I found out the police had been at the house because of that lady. She is being protective of her kids and feels they can skateboard wherever they want. If you are so protective, where is your parent supervision - these boys are under 10 years. They don't even live near our house. There is a playground and skateboard park a block away from their home, but she insists they should play on the road. If they get hit by a car, its not their fault, its the drivers. This entire situation is completely wacked. It's now a waiting game to see if she takes it any further. Ughhhhh!

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  1. Ugh, some people are just dumb! And totally agree with you about the lady, I feel like some parents don't care where there kids are or what they do, it's lazy parenting and it's not really sad.