Friday, July 20, 2012

I am horrified...!

I cannot stop shaking. 

I cannot believe what happened a short while ago outside of my house. Who could be so stupid to put their own life and the life of others at risk.

My parents are away for the evening. My boyfriend and I are at my parents home dog sitting. My step sister wasn't supposed to come home this evening, she was going to stay at a friends house. To my surprise, she came home to pick up something, then was out again. I asked if she would be home later, she said yes. When she came in, the dog was barking. At the time, I hadn't clued in that there was a vehicle outside the house. As she slammed the door and ran down the driveway, I stood in the window and watched as her friend got out of his SUV and she jumped into the drivers seat. 

She does not have her license. She has supposedly never driven before. 

I stood in the window horrified. In my socks, I walked outside yelling her name. She didn't respond so I walked out on the wet driveway until I got her attention. I told her to get out of the vehicle and explained the ramifications for driving without a license. 

Seriously?! How can she be so stupid. If she wants to put her own life at risk, go for it, but do not risk the lives of innocent people because you decide it will be "cool" to drive. I am pretty sure she thought I was ruining her fun and doesn't understand the severity of what she was about to do. 

I felt bad for sending a message to my parents and interrupting their evening, but they had to know. This is unacceptable. Perhaps I should have let her drive off, phone the police and let her deal with the ramifications. Maybe that would get the message across. Probably not.

I don't know what else to say. 

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