Thursday, July 5, 2012

Help! I Need a New Computer!

I am in desperate need of a new computer...! 

I'm torn between getting another laptop or getting my boyfriend to build me a new desktop computer. I currently have a HP laptop and it is on its way of being thrown off the balcony because it's a piece of junk! My reason for the desktop computer is to have a wide screen monitor. I want to spend more time playing around with photoshop, editing my photos and improving graphics on my blog. I don't enjoy it as much on a small 15" screen. The challenge of getting a desktop computer is where would I put it? Space is limited. 

My next dilemma is Windows vs. Mac? I have grown up using Windows, but I am loving the new MacBook pro. I have never had a Mac computer, so I'm hesitant to drop $2500 on the latest MacBook. I have the newest iPad and I LOVE it. I'm patiently waiting for the new iPhone to come out in September. It would only make sense to get the MacBook pro? Thoughts? Suggestions?


  1. I recently purchased a 17" Dell laptop and it's been absolutely fantastic! I had two hard drives installed so I have tons of space and I got the best graphics card and screen available! I bought a refurbished one, so it wasn't crazy expensive. I got the best features possible on a laptop and only paid around $1,500 including a 2 year accidental damage warranty! I would definitely suggest it.
    I know a lot of people love the Macs but I have used both and I personally like the Windows ones better because it's not as limited capability wise and it's not as expensive! Plus, you can customize it with whatever features you need!
    I mean Macs are pretty good too, so I'm sure whatever you chose you will love! Just remember there are more affordable options out there too :)
    jamie brooke

  2. I love my MacBook, and don't think I'll ever go back to a PC. It's just not worth it to me. I also debated on a desktop vs. laptop, and the conclusion I came to was...laptop. It's portable, I can do my school work or photo editing wherever I'd like, can take it on trips, etc. BUT since the screen is kind of small, making it difficult to work in my photo editing program, I also purchased a monitor [no tower or whatnot] that I have set up on my desk and can hook up to the laptop when I need it. It was the perfect solution [in my case], but everyone has different needs!
    Hope whatever happens, you manage to get a new computer soon! It no fun being forced to work on one you hate