Friday, May 24, 2013

Oh bugger.

I previously mentioned the other day that I thought I had injured my Achilles tendon -- I had no solid proof because it was self diagnosed based on what I read on the internet (big mistake sometimes!).

Yesterday I had a chiropractor appointment and he confirmed that I injured it. Oh bugger! I also discovered the reason why. Apparently my ankle had minimal movement and the muscles in my calf were beyond tight, thus the tendon had to pick up all the slack from all the exercise I had been doing.

Now, I am not allowed to run for at least the next two weeks. Its been a week today, and I still cannot wear running shoes because of the pain. Super annoying! The lesson learned ... it is VERY, VERY important to stretch before and after! 

Other than taking it easy, resting my foot, things have been pretty quiet around here! I started watching Season One of Arrow ... I love it! A lot of the show is filmed in Vancouver too!


  1. Sorry you hurt yourself, hope it heals quickly. You'll be running again in no time.

    1. Thanks, I hope it heals quickly too! It's slowly getting better...!