Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Bookmark Dump.

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

I spent Saturday at work, and today I went grocery shopping to Costco with my mom. When I got home with over $100 worth of food, we decided to do some baking -- we now have chocolate chips muffins and banana bread for the week. It's currently 7:00 pm and I am exhausted, and hungry. It's going to be a late, late night for dinner!

Anyways, I have been stumbling across some pretty sweet new websites, blogs and other cool links lately, so I thought I should start sharing my finds!!

1 // I am absolutely loving this youtube video of a cute puppy playing with a doorstop.

2 // I have decided that once I eat up all the eggo waffles in the freezer, I am going to start making breakfast smoothies. I found this strawberry oatmeal smoothie which looks very delicious! If you know of any other tasty and healthy recipes, please share! 

3 // Just the other day I discovered a new recipe/food blog, I am in love with all of her recipes, especially the Chicken Alfredo Pizza which we made the other night. Delicious!!

4 // I am loving some of these healthy baking substitutes.

5 // Need some new workout songs? I found these 100 workout songs to help put the boom-boom back into your zoom-zoom.

That's all I got for now, will share more soon!!

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  1. I love having homemade baked goods on hand! Chocolate chip muffins and banana bread would be my breakfast and dessert every day!

    1. Me too, but its dangerous because I want to eat them all the time!