Monday, May 21, 2012

Twelve Days.

In twelve days my boyfriend writes his CFA exam! Life lately has pretty much revolved around his upcoming exam. It's a no-fun zone around here! 

The reason I'm writing this post is because I am excited about everything that comes after it....!

We have been together for just over five-years now and have wanted to live together for quite some time. Unfortunately, there has always been bad timing. I was working full-time, he wasn't. Then I lost my job and he started working full-time. He quite his job and I'm now working two part-time jobs (full-time hours). The cost of living around here is absurd. Even though only one of us is working, we hope to make it work. Where we are going to live, we don't know yet. That will have to be discussed, among other things, after his exam. 

I am also super excited about moving forward in life. Because I'm still living at home, I do not feel my age. I thought by now I would have this fabulous job and so much more, but I don't. When I graduated University in 2008, the economy was starting to crumble and the job market was tough to enter. Unless you had these great connections, you're out of luck. Unfortunately, the economy still sucks and I wouldn't be surprised if we go through another recession. Anyways, I think we both need this push, to move out of our comfort zones and to see where the future takes us. I can't wait...! 

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