Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Letters.

Dear Blackberry, Last May, I purchased my very first smartphone. It was quite the debate - Blackberry Torch or the iPhone 4. I had (still have) a perfectly good Apple iTouch and had a hard time justifying purchasing an iPhone. If I got the iPhone, then what would I do with my iTouch? My final decision was to purchase your latest, greatest smartphone. Big mistake! For the first few months, I was quite pleased with my choice. Lately, I have very much regretted my choice.  Your products are crap. I'm sorry, but they are. I will never, ever purchase another Blackberry product. As soon as the new iPhone 5 is released in September (I hope!), I will be ditching my blackberry VERY quickly. I don't care if I have to shell out $700, having a phone that actually works and takes amazing photos is worth every penny! No wonder why your company is not doing so well. Having said that, thank you RIM for making such horrible products. I will never purchase another Blackberry product ever again. Dear Apple, Please hurry up and release the iPhone 5! Your products are simple, yet amazing. I cannot wait to get my hands on the new iPhone.


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  1. I always love apple products over anything else. Hence an iMac, iPad, and iPod. Next, the iPhone! I had a HTC something or other before I left the States, and it was supposedly "better" than the iPhone, but I disagreed. Never again will I stray from the assured high quality of Apple.